What is going on inside his head?

There are times that I wish I could plug Cameron into the computer or TV and really see what he is thinking.

It has occurred to me that Cameron hasn’t really seen a river up close. So in our ‘trips to the river’, I have to wonder what his frame of reference is. What is he seeing? What is he hearing?

Is he remembering the ‘bubble river’ at the swimming pool, a curved corridor of bubbles and jets that make a current? Or is he seeing in his mind a cartoon river, with Franklin and his friends playing alongside, or Little Bear balancing on a rock? I talk about the sound of the water rushing; does he hear the tap running, the swimming pool, the ocean, or something different? Or perhaps does he think a river really does sound like me going shhhhhhhh? Is he seeing the creek, a tiny trickle, at the park?

He does know what birds sound like, and he’s heard them chirping in the bushes and shrubs outside. And when I talk of animals settling down to sleep I ask him to think of what Nimoo sounds like as she gets comfortable, or a dog he saw that day. He knows what grass looks like of course, and trees, and knows what the wind sounds like in the trees.

So is he seeing a melding of real images and cartoons?

Does it matter? Probably not. At this age the lines between reality and imagination are hazy at best. But it would still be neat to see, as an adult, just what he’s imagining a river at sunset looks and sounds like.


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