And again …

I wish I could SEE what is in his mind!

The scene: Midnight, just about on the dot. I’d finished a lovely long and hot spoil-myself non-ecofriendly shower. Cameron yelled something! A moment of silence, and he started sobbing. When I went in to comfort him, he managed to tell me that he was hungry, and wanted yogurt. Of course it was yogurt, we have only plain stuff left in the fridge because he’s a yogurt monster. So I mixed in some jam, and spoonfed Cameron, asking quiet questions. Normally he doesn’t really tell me anything. This time, though …

“Letter P light mommy! I sad! Letter P light!”

Darnit! That letter P light again!

I tried to see if maybe he wasn’t enunciating clearly. “Little pee?” Nope. He very firmly said, “Letter P.”

What else could I do? There were no more answers, just two arms wrapped around me, and his little head burrowed into my neck. I held him a few minutes, rocked him, then returned him to his bed with shhhhing and much love.


One response to “And again …

  1. Hmmm… was he as freaked out as last time? It’s too bad he wasn’t a little older – if he was calm enough you could get him to draw you a photo of what it looks like…

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