The Perfect Day

No, today wasn’t it. Let’s just say it had its moments and leave it at that, shall we?

Chris asked a question I’ve been pondering since reading it on Smart Cookies, a site she sent me to: what is your perfect day? The question as it is on the site is not as things are in your life now, but to describe your ideal, perfect Friday, from getting up in the morning until going to bed at night, including details like what you’re wearing, what you eat, who you’re with, what your job is.

My ideal Friday changes depending on my mood. But if I’m fantasizing within the boundaries of realism (ie no, I haven’t won the lottery and we’re not spending the spring and summer in a villa in Italy, and no I don’t have a maid and a cook and a chauffeur) … this is how my ideal Friday might be.

Cameron wakes us up, of course, flopping into bed for a good morning snuggle. He’s always been sleep-in challenged, why should my fantasy Friday be any different? But notice that ‘us’? He, whoever he is, partner or husband varies in my dream-Friday, gives Cameron a sleepy hug and me a lovely snuggle, and gets up to start his day. We have our breakfasts more or less together, but let’s face it, mornings can be rushed. I walk Cameron to his daycare (or before-school care), then continue to work. What am I wearing? Nice relaxed-business clothes, comfortable, and they don’t make me feel like a caricature as business clothes normally do.

In my ideal scenario, my partner/husband and I own our residence – sometimes it’s a house, more often, a townhome or condo. It’s clean and tidy, especially on a Friday, since the housecleaner comes on Thursday afternoons. Where is it? Sometimes here in Vancouver, sometimes Ottawa, sometimes Montreal, sometimes somewhere in California or near Seattle.

Usually in my fantasy I’m pregnant, middle to end of the second trimester. Sometimes there’s a one year old baby instead. Usually it’s a girl. Sometimes my partner/husband has a child of his own from a previous relationship too, sometimes full-time, sometimes part.

It’s hard for me to say what my job is in this fantasy. Probably a project manager, or a larger-lab version of my current position – a natural progression. Lunch is a gym workout, or a walk in the sunshine, or catching a bite with my partner/husband.

After work, we pick up Cameron at his after-school care, where he’s happily playing soccer or tag with his friends. If it’s a version where there’s another child, then we pick up him or her or them, too. We might get a few groceries on the way home, but generally, Fridays are relaxed family time, either pizza or spaghetti night, Cameron’s choice. If there’s another older child, then they take turns deciding. Chatter is about school and work, who won the soccer game or scored an awesome goal, maybe plans for the weekend – a drive to a park for a hike perhaps, or a hockey game. Once the table is cleared and dishes in the dishwasher, all three (or maybe four or five) of us settle on the couch, a happy tumble of arms and legs and bowls of popcorn, warm blankets if it’s winter. Movie night. If there’s a wee one, she or he is probably asleep soon after the movie starts, and tucked into bed. After the movie, Cameron and any other children still awake get a story in bed, then lights out.

Ahhhh, just down to ‘us’. Tomorrow night is date night, when a sitter comes over – we do that now and then. Tonight is recover-from-the-week night. We kick back, maybe watch TV or another movie, drink a glass or two of wine (if I’m not pregnant in my ideal day), and maybe (probably) get a little one-on-one attention.

So basically it’s a happy-family dream, where I’ve met the love of my life, my career has progressed, Cameron’s happy, we have a nice home, I’m more relaxed. Nothing is particularly unrealistic.

Another day I’ll write the next step on the site … identify what you don’t yet have, and what it would take to get there.


4 responses to “The Perfect Day

  1. I’m glad to see you post that. Maybe it’ll make me have the guts to be blog-honest about my perfect day. It’s definitely in my head… I’m just not sure I’m ready to blog about it…

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