This morning’s wake-up call

My  mornings when Cameron wakes before I go rouse him usually start off with me hearing him roll over (yay for creaky crib), then he either wails or whines for me. Sometimes he’ll call, “Moooommmyyyyy! Sun UP! Sun is UP!”


This morning was different.


I heard him roll over and sit up. Then another flop-creak. By the time that I wandered over to see what was up he had his stuffed cow, a cow he never plays with, in his hands … and he was singing to it. The morning from there on out was filled with giggles and sunshiney happiness.


3 responses to “This morning’s wake-up call

  1. Marvellous moment. I really miss having you and Cameron closer. . . but I also really appreciate that you share moments like this one.
    Love you!

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