I Think I Need to Stop Reading the News

I have to stop reading the news. Or maybe be more selective, and read political stuff, things that don’t involve children. I’m finding myself focusing on the horrifying, tragic things that happen to people.

Sometimes I get the perspective that we’re very lucky to live here in Canada, a relatively safe place, where in all likelihood Cameron will grow up safely.

We don’t have to deal with military convoys that suspect stubbornly approaching vehicles of being bombs-on-wheels. In Afghanistan the other day it’s said that a car approached an envoy despite signals to stop. Fearing that the car was a suicide bomber, the Canadian military opened fire. Two little children were killed, leaving a family distraught. Now, the father is reported on the news as expressing a desire for revenge, that he’ll kill Canadians should he have the chance. Honestly, can one blame him? He just lost his two children. No matter where the ‘blame’ really lies, he and his family just lost their precious loves. In his shoes I’m sure I’d blame the people who fired the guns too, and I’m willing to bet that I’d want to tear them apart.

But then the judgemental cynic in me speaks up. Precious children? Why didn’t he stop? He claims now that there were no warnings, he then says he wants the Canadian government to help him get to where they were going. That sounds to me like he’s purposefully being dramatic, trying to get whatever he can out of a bad situation. We’re told here how little human life really means in places like that too – children being used as bomb carriers. And I start to wonder who’s paying him. And to do what. Nice, eh?

But we’re safe. Cameron and I live in Canada, where nasty things don’t happen. Right?

Someone’s son got stabbed and decapitated in a bus. In Manitoba. And someone’s son was so mentally ill that he did it. And children witnessed it. And a 17 year old girl’s body was found by a river. Her boyfriend’s father is being charged. That young man on the bus, his family didn’t see this coming I’m sure, and they’ll get the worst phone call of their lives. The girl’s parents reported her missing … and will miss her forever.

I know that none of these stories are new, they’ve been going on for longer than time has been recorded, and far worse atrocities too. I doubt they’re even more common now than they once were. I know that we’re extremely fortunate to live where we do, when we do. But these stories still, when I let them, hurt deeply.


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