Friday Happies

I vaguely recall mentally composing a witty, observant, and interesting blog post while at work today. I’m sure my brain will at some point remember what it was about. That’s what kinda day it was. But happinesses …

Gym workout! I think I’m gonna hurt so bad tomorrow, but in a good way. Good so long as I don’t try to sit down, or stand up, or really move my legs when I walk.

Watching three bald eagles wheel overhead on my walk back to work from the gym. It looked like they were just hanging out, enjoying the wind. It was one of those moments where the clouds above were dark and stormy looking, but a stray bit of sunshine illuminated the eagles beautifully.

Leaving work today. No, not so much that leaving work made me happy … it was that everyone, even people I don’t really know, said bye and wished me a good weekend. Makes me feel like maybe I’m starting to fit in and be accepted. Plus, I solved a few puzzles at work today about where various pieces of paper belonged.

Yummy easy supper, and healthy too. Leftovers – then yogurt and fresh berries for dessert. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and deep purple grapes.

Cameron, of course. He’s got so much energy. And he loves to jump, and read. I introduced him to the idea of written music today – he wanted to ‘read’ my Sally Goes Round The Sun book. It’s a compilation of children’s songs and rhyming games, with music included. Now, my singing is abysmal. But I did my best, pointing at the notes as I went. He asked, “Those letters? Moo-sic letters?” He’s GOT the idea, letters make words! Time to get him onto again. P says Puh!


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