Wrap-up on the One Can A Month Challenge!

I now remember what it was that I meant to write much earlier in the week. That challenge! The month is up!

As you may already have read, I wasn’t aiming to actually hold onto our garbage for a month and try to get it to all fit in one can. In my current living arrangement, that just wouldn’t work. Instead I approached the month as a month of awareness.

Again, I managed to keep it down to one plastic bag brought into the house in the week. Woohoo! Only one kitchen-garbage sized bag went out into the trash. Lots of air-drying going on for laundry, and cold water washes. I haven’t yet talked with my downstairs neighbours about composting the kitty litter pine sawdust. We shopped a little at the farmer’s market, but not as much as the week before as it was hot and I knew we were heading out all day long. Oh. And composting. Right. I wish I could say I continued with that. But I can’t.

Overall I have to say that the month was a success. I learned how feasible it is to reduce plastic that comes into the house. I learned how easy it is (and cheap too) to line-dry my clothes. Roughly half of my fruits and veggies over the last few weeks have been locally grown. So, it’s a start.

However, I realized yesterday that I fell flat on my face this last week-ish in terms of lunches. That’s right, consumption went skyrocketing. I had cravings for sushi. Which meant a whole lot of plastic garbage as I wasn’t bringing it home to recycle and I didn’t even think to put it in the recycling bin. So there’s room for improvement right there – recycle at work!

… which leads me to my next Big Thought.

Biological Research, at least the lab type stuff I’m involved in, is NOT, I repeat NOT environmentally friendly. Ohmygawds it’s not. You should see the quantities of plastic we go through. Now, okay, we re-use tip boxes. Which is  a start. But it’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Tips, pipets, microfuge tubes, centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, tissue culture dishes, 96 well plates, ohmy! And many items are individually wrapped. There’s a ‘course’ coming up through HSE at work (Health, Safety, Environment) addressing this, and I’m going to attend.

Once I get my office garbage under control. Living in glass houses and all that


One response to “Wrap-up on the One Can A Month Challenge!

  1. Hi Melanie,
    I found your website when searching for information on composting kitty litter (I use recycled newpaper “Yesterdays News”). Do you have any information on the procedure ? I’m workign towards no plastic bags and disposing of the kitty litter is my biggest use of the plastic bags now.


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