Button Pushing II: Remembering Rule #1

I got the day back in gear by remembering Rule #1 of Dealing With Cameron. Get the kid outside when he’s rangy!

We spent the entire afternoon outside, mostly playing. Some playing “chase” on the way to JJ’s for caffeine (I desperately needed it) and then the grocery store. Some bouncing on the trampoline. Lots of laundry got done. We went swimming with the next door neighbours, then joined them for supper.

Sure, he still seemed to be working hard at pushing my buttons. For instance, when we got out of the pool he just took off, into the community centre, around and through the exit doors, and headed for the road! This was perfectly timed, starting when I had a towel over my head and my shoes half on. Yeesh. But it didn’t get to me quite as much, and there was much more fun between the screams.

By the time we got home, he was wiped right out. He didn’t fight me and try to delay bedtime by insisting on reading his bedtime stories himself. He even let me skip a page on one of them. He snuggled in close, and fell asleep listening to my heart beat, and listening to me tell him about the people who love him.

So he not only pushes my frustration buttons … he also pushes my happy-sigh-wonderful-life buttons.

  • Additional happinesses:
  • Lying on my back on the trampoline, watching dozens of dragonflies buzz around between me and the pure blue summer sky.
  • Fresh laundry, with that extra-special summer sun scent.
  • The sparkle of the early evening sun on the cool pool water, giggles of two happy little boys. Cameron was so cold that his teeth were chattering, but he refused to get out.
  • Yummy food, good friends. Maite is a fabulous cook!
  • The kitchen is clean and tidy, the bathroom is mostly clean (will be clean before bed), and the heaps o’laundry have been reduced significantly.

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