Button Pushing

The name of the game this weekend seems to be “Push All The Buttons You Can.”

I’m not talking about buttons on the remote control, although that has been screamed over several times already. Cameron has a DVD remote, but to avoid frantic attempts at solving “what button did he push” while Cameron screams at the top of his lungs, I removed a battery. He’s figured it out. He saw me doing it, I needed to use his remote as I couldn’t find mine, and he understands that batteries make things work. “Put battery back in! Work with battery Mommy!”

I’m not really even talking about pushing buttons on the microwave. That too has come up. He put a coffee cup and a bowl in, then screamed at me to make them go around when he realized that pushing ‘start’ doesn’t work if I don’t push other buttons first.

And I’m not talking about buttons on my pager, which somehow he managed to get hold of. But luckily there’s a limited number of buttons there. And I rescued it before it got dunked in a glass of water.

The buttons I’m really talking about are mine. Cameron’s figured out a bunch of my buttons and is pushing them with glee. Well, not really glee – screams and whines mostly. I tell him to stop doing something, he runs away while doing it. I tell him not to go somewhere, and he goes there. I ask him to bring me something and he flings it away. It’s not that I’m a control freak, I’m not barraging him with commands all the time. But really, when I just sorted piles of laundry I don’t want them all strewn around the livingroom and I really don’t want him to add his clean clothes to the strewage. I need to be able to do chores while he’s awake! I was trying to clean the kitchen, and the job took two hours. TWO. For one little not-too-bad kitchen. Why? Every time I turned around Cameron had made a mess right where I had just cleaned. When I was sweeping, he grabbed his little broom and (probably not deliberately) stood right in my way, or swept away piles I’d made. I turned around once and there were stickers all over the floor. I think I cleaned the kitchen six times in total. Six-fold coverage is fine when you’re talking shotgun genome sequencing, but really, it’s not necessary when you’re cleaning a kitchen.

So let me just wrap this up with a big old:



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