Cameron Loved the Fireworks!

It was touch-and-go for a bit. The teaser fireworks, the ones that go off during the hour before the show for the most part got him excited and eager. But then there was a couple big boom ones – and the boom came a while after the spheres of sparkles had appeared, startling Cameron. He covered his eyes and wanted me to cover his ears. Too loud, he complained. I started second guessing my choice of locations. While I didn’t take him right downtown the center of action, we were on the beach on the other side of the bay. Picking our way out of there in a hurry would’ve been difficult.

Then the show started. He wasn’t too keen, but then a series of bright colours and snap-boom-crackles, and he laughed!

The whole night was a big treat for him. We had a thermos of hot chocolate, and a yogurt parfait for him, all to keep him entertained while the sun set. We saw a couple of bats flitting around, so we chatted about one of his favourite stories, Bats at the Beach. We talked about the airplanes and helicopters overhead, the boats out in the bay, the people around us.

We only just now got home, at around 12:15. As usual, Translink didn’t do a great job on the busses. We waited for 20 minutes at a stop. Two busses, each headed downtown (not our direction) went past, and that was it. So I gave up. I walked, carrying Cameron in his ergo on my back. Thankfully I didn’t have the stroller. We would’ve had to walk there (busses were packed), wouldn’t have been able to get down onto the beach, and wouldn’t have been able to dodge people and get out of there as quickly as we did.

Oh, and the show itself was great. It was the finale of the competition – not sure, but I think China won. We couldn’t hear the music very well, so it was hard to tell. I commented to Cameron about the fireworks I liked – sparkly ones, blue ones, and the cascading orangey ones that end in a curtain of blue. Cameron decided he likes the green ones the best, and he was impressed by the ‘screamers’ (I called them whistlers) and the super-loud strobe like flashers.

Now, Cameron is tucked into bed, and I’m about to head to bed too.

Quickly though … happy thoughts
As I already mentioned, the evening at the fireworks. Specifically, that first ooooh at his first up-close view of a firework, then the giggles.
Fingerpainting. Cameron loved it when we painted on saran wrap (not-so-eco friendly, sorry) then ‘printed’ the artwork.
Sleep. In just a few minutes.


One response to “Cameron Loved the Fireworks!

  1. So glad you both had a wonderful time! I just hopped to your site to see if you’d posted after getting home – hope you are both still asleep, it’s just coming up to 9 am for you.
    TTYS & LABH (guess) – Mom/Granna

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