Holiday Monday Happinesses

The next door neighbours/angels took Cameron to the beach with them! Cameron played in the sand with Samuel, and apparently a highlight of this was playing with a boy’s trucks.

Only one load of laundry left in the house! (whups, reminds me I need to bring in the last load from the line still)

I went bra shopping while Cameron napped in his stroller. Sorry if this is TMI! I may not have anyone but myself to look sexy for, but woo. The boobs they are a-changing post-weaning, so I needed to do this, and it’s a bonus that the bras (and matching undies of course) are attractive. European sizes are different, I think, than North American (I went to a store called Changes). 30E. Since my straps always fall down when I’m wearing 34s and that means your band is too large, I can believe (sort of) the 30. But E? C’mon! Noway. I do not have boulders hanging off my chest. Still, whatever the tag says on them, they weren’t too expensive (on par with La Senza), and in my experience are nicer and hold together better for longer.

Cameron dozing in his stroller, wearing his UV-blocking sunsuit. You know, the standard uniform lately for kids in the sun. Clone-ish though the clothing may be, he’s the cutest kid I’ve ever seen wearing one of these suits.

Demonstrating to Cameron that while Mommy wants to give him the world, she’s just not strong enough to give him a century-old maple tree.

A fridge full of healthy yummy stuff, meals planned tentatively for the whole week.

Yogurt culturing overnight – should be ready by morning!
Cameron is really trying to do everything on his own. He wanted to get a glass of water (I had to confiscate the glass, it was wet, slippery, and needed cleaning), he wanted to get in the tub, he wanted to read. Oh – and he’s such an outdoorsy boy. Some kids will choose to watch a DVD all day if you let them, and cry if you don’t. Cameron will dissolve into a puddle if he has to wait one minute to get outside.


One response to “Holiday Monday Happinesses

  1. I love reading your happinesses… reminds me that I should let go of the daily frustrations of having two boys at home ALL SUMMER, and enjoy all of the bright, twinkling moments we have together before they are gone again come September.

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