Tuesday Waking Up and Backyard Happiness

Comments here about my happiness posts. I really like that others understand where I’m coming from on them, and especially that they bring happiness to others!

Cameron was exceptionally slow to wake up this morning – I think we both had a night of light sleeping. He made such a fuss about staying in bed. Not so long ago I thought I’d never need to set an alarm again as he woke me every morning with screams, so it was lovely in a way to hear, “No want to wake uuuuuppp! No like to!” as he buried his head under covers.

The strategy that worked in getting Cameron to wake up and be okay about it was playing the “Monsters” video: Feist singing a Sesame Street version of her 1, 2, 3, 4 song. He bounced in his ergo, singing recognizable samples of the song all the way to the bus.

Rolling over and over on the trampoline, from one side to the other, followed by a tumbling Cameron. The air was hot but we had a slight breeze, the sky was unmarred blue. I could tell from my shadow that my hair was standing almost straight out from static – and even cut short, Cameron’s was sticking out too. After a difficult commute home filled with “NO”s from me, the laughter and glee and hugs and smiles were wonderful.

A quiet moment in the back yard. Listen. Shhhh. Tell me what you hear. “A dog! An airplane! Some people!” Mmm-hmmm. What else? “Uh. Uh. A. A. A. OOOH! Wind! In leaves!” Anything else? (a moment’s pause) “Bugs flying. There. They’re bzzzzing!” He pointed up at the dragonflies whizzing around above us. Sure enough, we could hear their wings. Best of all, this wasn’t an obvious sound, and it’s not one we’ve discussed being able to hear.

I nearly forgot … it’s been a long time since I did much thinking about lab work. It’s all been equipment and spending stuff at work – eventually I’ll get to do research, but that’s the icing on the cake once everything else is stable. But today a student came to me with a question about primers she’d ordered, trying to figure out what might be wrong with her ligation. She didn’t wish, for whatever reason of lab politics I’ve yet to pick up on, to talk with the most likely resource. So we talked about what she was doing, and what she might need to do to at least identify her exact problem. Felt good.


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