Late, Sleepy, Happy

Tired. Been a really long day, but I wanted to post the day’s happinesses.

Starbucks makes Cameron’s day. It’s clear, he just feels so special when we stop there and he gets to pick his yogurt, hand it to the person behind the counter, and sometimes I’ll even give him the money to pay for it.

Caught up with Chris. We haven’t seen each other in forever despite the fact that we live on the same street, roughly (as she pointed out) thirteen blocks from each other. So it was a long talk on the phone until my battery ran out, then skype.

Now I’m headed to bed after a quick shower. Maybe will do a money post again tomorrow.

Had to come back and add another.

Cameron is usually in his ergo, on my back, when we’re grocery shopping after work. It’s rare that I’ll let him down except at the samples counter. WELL. Today I let him walk. He’s been watching me, paying attention. Though it was clearly difficult, he lifted a basket out of the shorter stack, and hauled it along, lagging a little behind me. We went past the cheese and margarine display, except that he stopped. He touched one price-display, then another, and looked from cheese-string package to cheese-string package. “This one.” He announced, having made his decision. I dissuaded him. The rest of the shopping trip (just a few items) I was careful, every other item I gave HIM the choice of what to get. He even insisted on carrying his own yogurt (he very nearly chose prune yogurt, but thankfully went to strawberry at the last minute), and a couple other items, despite how heavy the basket got. They have little mini-buggies there. I’m SO getting one of those next time, for him to push around.


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