Cutbacks Day One

Alright, so how did I do on my first day of cutback spending?

Not great. But not as bad as I’d been doing.

For starters I decided to wean slowly rather than go cold turkey. I opted for the less expensive Americano instead of a latte. Nearly as satisfying, nicer than drip coffee, and better yet … free. The manager at CJ’s is smitten with Cameron and therefore by proxy, me. He spoils us. He hadn’t seen us much this week, so he treated. Nice! And no folks, don’t read anything into this at all. If that man isn’t gay I’ll fall over from shock.

I packed my lunch. Variation on the theme this time. The salad was super delish, baby romaine, tomatoes, and avacado with a dressing made of lime juice, Persian Lime Olive Oil (bought in San Francisco at the Ferry Terminal, heavenly), and parmesan cheese. Dessert was yogurt and peaches. I need to start packing some complex carbs too.

I successfully sauntered straight past the sushi and the smoothie place on my way back to work from the gym. I drank water. I tell ya, not only will I save money, I’m going to lose some weight just simply by adjusting my diet. I’ve been having a latte (high calories), half a croissant, and some other sweet treat every day.

Whups on the way home. Italian Soda called my name … and so did the apple croissant.

Oh, and Cameron stayed dry all day today at daycare. He said when this was pointed out to me, “So now we go to Starbucks?” I said no. I told him that if he goes dry all day AND poops on the toilet at daycare, the next morning we can sit down at the coffee shop. This is the one treat that might just trump Starbucks.


  • Cameron running toward me in the park after work, through dappled sun and shade, arms spread wide for a hug. “I been missing you all day!” After a cuddle, he wanted down to play with Rosie (his best friend there). Two minutes later he handed me a bouquet of three clover blossoms.
  • The fluorescent microscope is fixed! And I know how to work the software now! I know how to address the problems people have come to me with too. Feels good to feel competent.
  • I ate lunch in the kitchen again. Usually I’m just grabbing bites while I’m doing other stuff, or trying to take a “leave me alone” moment. But this way I really get to sit down and eat a meal. Plus, I listen and learn. I can recognize a few words in Mandarin conversation, which means that the sounds are starting to be resolved in my brain, instead of one long stream of sounds. Cool. I learned the words for ‘white steamed rice’ and ‘fried rice.’ And promptly forgot them. “Bai”  is white. But that’s okay, they know how hard it is, and we joked that I’ll ask them every day for a week, and in a few weeks be able to use the words. Same deal later in the day for learning, to wish someone a good weekend. It’s four words. One is Yu … I think. The words mean “week end fun good” if I remember correctly. Except I don’t think it ends in good, or else I’d remember How as a part of it. Oh well.
  • The mood at work today was interesting, charged with excitement, which makes me happy. With such a large percentage being from China, in my office’s end of the Centre at least, the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics were a BIG DEAL. Everywhere were sleepy faces – those were people who had gotten up at five to watch the beginning. Computers had clusters of people hovering around them, watching, dashing off when a timer started beeping, rushing back as quickly as possible.
  • Cameron’s lovely kisses as I carried him across the street. Then I should’ve recognized the mischief in his eyes. Another kiss … which turned into a PFFFFTTTRRRTTTTTRRRTT against my cheek. His giggles are the best in the world.

One response to “Cutbacks Day One

  1. Baby steps! I think this is a step in the right direction.

    I love that Cameron knows the word “Starbucks.” Mine knows “Taco Bell,” which is even worse!

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