Sunday And Happy

No deep thoughts, political commentary, or economic observations tonight. Just happy thoughts.

Cuddling under the fuzzy cream blanket with Cameron, nestled in the comfy chair, exchanging kisses while we watched Happy Feet.

The scent of fresh-baked bread right out of the oven. Pulling off the lump of bread dough that Cameron placed on the top of the round loaf, his own bit, that he kneaded and looked after. The expression on his face as he bit into ‘his’ bread, all drenched in butter, just barely cool enough to eat.

Trying a new recipe – chicken stroganoff, courtesy of Lisa. Not so great a hit with Cameron (yet), but I loved it!

Playing in the back yard, dark threatening rain clouds overhead, blue promise to the west.

Much laughter today. Cameron decided to play with his ‘baby’, a rag doll my Nana made years ago. Betty tried to turn her into a boy with short hair … but she’s still a girl in my eyes. Cameron tried valiantly to change her diaper and re-dress her. He cuddled her and read his favourite bedtime stories to her. He tucked (gently dropped) her into his bed, then came out to the livingroom. An instant later, “Baby crying. Better close the door.” I nearly howled with laughter. I asked him if he’d said good night to his baby, and told her it’s okay, she needs to sleep. Sure enough, he trotted back to his bed, and said “Night night Baby. Have a good sleep!” Back out, and he closed the door, again saying, “Baby crying.” I asked him if next time he cries at night I should just close the door. “Yes,” he firmly answered. We’ll see how this plays out. I’m guessing that daycare lets napping babies cry a bit.


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