The Day Got Better

The rain of grossness stopped. Housekeeping cleaned it up. Yay for working in this building; in biosciences they would’ve stopped the flood in a few hours maybe, then left us to clean up all the lab stuff. It was relayed to me that the Director was okay with me handling this on my own. His assistant contacted my boss (away on holiday), who called a while later, and I was able to assure him that it was under control, almost all cleaned up, minimal loss of consumables and zero loss of equipment, no people injured or affected (unless you count nauseated and turned off coffee by the stink).

Cameron not only stayed totally dry at daycare, he also stayed dry all evening. And he pooped at daycare just before we left. Maybe within a month or so his toilet training will be complete enough that I’ll have stopped daily reporting on his production. At any rate, that particular ‘rain of grossness’ also ceased for the day.

Nimoo-Kitty’s reign of grossness however continues. I’d propped the car seat up on the landing against the wall, seat-side-down to dissuade her. She crawled underneath it to pee. At least it wasn’t in my bed, or Cameron’s.


  • Laughing at Cameron’s toddler/preschooler OCDness. It’s natural at this age, it’s okay. But he flat-out insisted on touching each and every freezer door handle in the freezer aisle at the grocery store.
  • Sharing bread with the neighbours. Watching the light in Cameron’s eyes when I told them that he helped make it.
  • Cameron! Middle of dinner he heard Samuel outside. Nothing would do but to get down from the table, dash to the window, and YELL. The two boys proceeded to have a yelled conversation, about what was hard to tell. But before Samuel had seen where we were, Cameron very clearly called down, “Look up! I’m up here!” This shows clear understanding of other people’s differing perspectives. Neat. He asked me if I was calling next door when I picked up the phone. I nodded, and he yelled out the window, “Samuel! My Mommy is calling your Daddy on the phone!” We went and played in their back yard a bit, and the boys had their evening baths together.
  • Cameron very much did not want to go to sleep tonight. I think it was just too much excitement, and I tried to introduce the concept of “If you cannot hear the radio playing, it’s not time to get up.” He cried and cried. I got him to settle by offering one last bedtime hug provided he then laid down and tried to sleep. I then stayed by his bed, and told him I’d stay but I wouldn’t talk. I just watched. And he clearly was trying to fall asleep. It took around ten minutes. What loveliness, to watch the process of going to sleep. Getting comfortable, eyes drifting shut, darting back open to check that I was still there. A car engine revved outside, eyes open again, only to drift back closed. His breathing slowed, and settled, and the tension on his face just melted away. I can’t wait to go back in and look at him before I head to bed.
    … As soon as I can.

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