Predictable and Irrational

For weeks I have been promising myself I will get to bed early. Among other things. Does it happen? Sure, if you count past midnight as being early. I don’t.

You’d think I’d just do it. Other things in my life I can just do.

Some other things. Not so much others. Like dishes, kitty litter, laundry …

So tonight I’m going to just do it. I’m going to finish writing this, put the leftovers away, leave dishes, have a quick shower, and be in bed by … let’s be honest, before midnight.

Early. Sort of.

I meant it to be early, but my irrational side kicked in. I just HAD to do this survey. So do you. It’s for fun research.


  • No crap falling from the ceiling.
  • Director actually came by the lab today, had a good improntu chat, he wants me to start going to lab meetings in view of eventually getting to do some research.
  • Happy new “CLEAN YOUR MESS UP” signs in the lab. I WILL get people to leave communal areas clean. Mouldy unclaimed crap in the fridges, mystery powders at the scales, thirty seven tubes of presumably water for balancing the centrifuge, weigh boats and papers spread out over three drawers in a drawer-limited space … all not okay.
  • Snuggling with Cameron on the bus ride home, giggling over zerbts (how is that spelled?).
  • Anticipation of going to sleep with fresh new sheets (okay okay $$, but they were on sale and I only had one set, which isn’t so nice).
  • Post card from Allen, to me and Cameron. I have to admit that was sweet. Sure, he knew my street address from being here, sure it’s easy to look up a postal code. Easy, but one actually has to do it. Thoughtful.

Editing later … about those sheets. When I see ‘microfiber’, I think soft. Nice. Luxurious. I should’ve opened up the package better. I feel like I’m sleeping wrapped in a cheap tent fly.


One response to “Predictable and Irrational

  1. Wait a minute… I just spent, I don’t know… 100 YEARS on that survey, and I don’t even get to find out the results??? How will I know if I can tell what a straight line looks like? Or if I’m picking out a credit card with the best APR? Oh, the suspense is killing me!

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