I Don’t Like Just Putting in Time

Today was one of those days.

It didn’t start too badly. And work wasn’t really hard. But I was tired, and yawned through the day despite spending too much money on coffee and tea. No lattes or americanos, just plain old ordinary coffee, by the way.

The evening was the hardest.

Older kid at Cameron’s daycare (DCP’s son no less) being flat-out rude to me. Cameron imitating him. Cameron kicking and biting on the bus, whining and shrieking. Horrible traffic meant that the bus trip went on and on. He did have a good few minutes at the grocery store, where we ran into a mommy-group cool friend of mine and her family. Cameron was very grown-up, and pushed around his own mini-buggy for me to load up. Then an unbelievably slow walk home. I swear, it took a half hour to coax him to walk three blocks – I couldn’t carry him, the groceries were too heavy, I was exhausted, and starving. Then open the door … to a puddle of kitty pee. Again, could be worse. It could’ve been on the couch, or in a corner, or I could’ve forgotten to close bedroom doors. So dropped Cameron with my downstairs neighbours, and I went to get fresh kitty litter. Hopefully a fresh box will stop this – that’s the third time in three days.

I spent most of the evening just wanting it to be over, looking forward to Cameron falling asleep, NOT enjoying the time. “Come ON Cameron, it’s time to do …  “ or “Stop that. Cameron. Stop that. No, stop. Stop. Stop.” Yup, I was tired and got into the mode of saying things one more time in case that had any more success than the fifty three times before.

I don’t like evenings like this. I don’t like realizing I’m just “Putting in the time” with my son, even for one evening.

So … happy thoughts.

  • Cameron and I played the colour game when he was in the tub. This is a simple game. I point to something, and he tells me what colour it is. For the first time he got them all! Okay, all but yellow. That one he repeatedly called green. But red things and green things he always got right. Maybe he lucked out on the X chromosome in that regard (sorry Dad).
  • Cameron did really enjoy dinner, and ate a lot. It was his choice tonight so I’m not too surprised, but he even ate a lot considering that. Of course, his choice means we had lasagna. Clearly, he felt like such a big boy at the grocery store deli, asking for it. I just stood back and let him do it, and the lady there knows us, so she just had to play along. I wish I’d had a camera to get him tip-toe against the deli glass, reaching high to grab ‘his’ supper.
  • And I’m just wiped right out. Screw all the stuff I have to do. The dishes can wait one more day. The livingroom is tidy. I can have a shower in the morning. I’m gonna put the milk away, go in and gaze at Cameron a bit, and go to bed. Before ten! Imagine!

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