A Little of This

And a little of that.

Cameron will learn. So help me whatever gods may be, he will learn. Screaming is not a successful strategy. It doesn’t get you out of time out when you’ve been playing with plugs. It doesn’t change my mind and let you watch the rest of Cars when it’s past bath time. Screams don’t make me decide oh, maybe I won’t rinse the suds out of his hair tonight. They don’t get you yogurt – you have to stop screaming and ask nicely. Granted, he was really very tired. But I just cannot handle the screaming any more!

Speaking of Cameron and screaming, what is with him? He needs to go pee, but plunk him down on the toilet, or even mention the toilet, and it’s “No! I don’t want to go pee!” He’ll scream at the top of his lungs if I force the issue. But I know from experience, when it’s the end of the day at daycare if he doesn’t go pee he will on the way home. Like, six minutes after we’re out of the yard. He has to go pee. He’ll scream for ten minutes, then pee lots and lots. Argh!

And then there’s the kitty and her pee issues. No extra-litterbox pees today that I’ve found, but the stairs reek. Seriously.

It’s hot. Stinking hot. Which probably added to all of the above stuff.

What was also hot, or at least not cold enough, was one of the fridges at work. The cause? Ironically, ice. So I have to (even though it’s not really my job, everyone seems to think that it is) defrost the fridge. Which means moving everything. NOT MY JOB. So I posted signs. Everything not out of the fridge by four will be tossed. Did anyone take me seriously? A couple did – the rest did when I literally escorted them to the fridge, showed them the boxes, and said, “NOW.” One woman was extraordinarily helpful actually, and took the time to help me with the leftover stuff, as there were two people away on holiday and lots leftover. So now, they’ll get a Rubbermaid type bin, and get told to move their stuff back, this is how much space they get. Anything that doesn’t get moved is first-come-first-serve for two days, then I’ll pitch it. The trouble is, pitching chemicals isn’t easy. I sure wish that when the re-assigned my duties they found someone to explicitly cover the former person’s role in the lab.

Ok. Enough complaining.

A woman from work, the new technician in one of the labs I work closely with, was on the bus. She’s very friendly, around my age, and is totally tickled that I’m trying to learn Mandarin. She came and sat with us, and we chatted, which made the bus ride home so much more enjoyable.

The area rep and his manager from one of the big supply companies we order from took me and one of the lab managers out for lunch. We went to the golf club, a place I’d never been before – quite nice! We sat out on the patio. Blackened Ahi Tuna ‘burger’, yum!

One the walk back from the bus, Cameron and I stopped at the Firehall. The fire fighters had the trucks out, and had the time to spend with Cameron. So, Cameron got to sit up in the engine, try on the mask, the ear protector/microphone combo things, the radios, the flashlights.

Skyping with Mom and Bill – always great. I’m wiped right out and it’s HOT (did I mention that? It’s HOT. Like, Ontario hot. And muggy), so I wasn’t exactly scintillating company, but oh well. It’s always good to see them.

Enough … I’ve got to get the garbage and recycling out, have a cool shower, and get to bed.


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