Tallying It Up, Week 2

So, Cameron went to sleep super early tonight to my surprise. I’m half certain he’ll wake up at three am starving, as he didn’t eat well all day then missed supper entirely. Everything is ready just in case – sippy of milk, cup of juice, yogurt, oatmeal, back to bed. You’d think I would be preparing for the worst, heading to bed super early myself, right?


I had a total ohmygodMONEY attack. Rightly so. I hadn’t touched my spreadsheet of spending since rejoicing about not spending a thing last Saturday. So instead of sleeping, I amassed receipts and my emails to myself concerning my purchases while at work, and started entering them.

The bad news is that I spent a lot of money on stuff I only sort of needed. Okay, I wanted, but could’ve continued making do without. For instance, towels. Ones in a colour I like on sale at London Drugs. All my towels are looking worse for wear, dingy or even shredding. Sheets. I was down to some pretty rough looking ones, again, nice looking ones on sale. But they’re a regret – they were on sale because they suck.

Better news is that a chunk of money (over 25) falls under the heading of ‘occasional but regular purchase’. Kitty litter, and Nature’s Miracle, which works fairly well against Nimoo’s comments.

On the good side is that I did successfully reduce my eating-out spending by more than 50%! It’s STILL way too high. I mean, ridiculously high.

Even with my towels and sheets, and emergency kitty pee related purchases, I still managed to reduce my spending by 50%. As above, it’s still atrociously high. Some of that reduction reflects my earlier statements about still having food left over from last week. But the same goes this week – there are leftovers.

There are things that I want to purchase. Want, not need, but approaching that line. A decent vacuum, a bed for Cameron, a TV (Cameron cannot continue watching his movies where the sky is green and Lightning McQueen is pinkypurple). Then there are the necessities – an education savings plan for Cameron, for starters. I’m going to have to be more than a little more serious next week about cutting back.

Oh, and a tip. I’m finding it hard to keep track of spending – I forget to ask for receipts, and swear I’ll remember the exact price, get to my computer and forget all about it until later. When that exact price has slipped from my grasp. So I’m moving my spreadsheet to google documents. That way it’s online and available to me wherever I have internet.

Okay, bedtime. I can rest a bit better knowing I spent less, so long as I don’t start doing the math to figure out just how much I spend on treats a year.


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