Toss. Turn. Flop. AUGHGHGHGH!

Naps are an ongoing struggle here.

Come to think of it, so is supper time, bath time, toilet usage, and bed time. But right now it’s the nap time that’s getting under my skin. Why? Because it’s nap time, and there is no sleeping happening in the house. None.

An hour – An HOUR – of flop. Kick. Flail. Squirm. Reach. Scratch on the wall, push feet against me while saying, “Not kicking Mommy, pushing with my feet!” Aaaoooooo. Aaaoooo. Aaaaaoooo. Aaaaooooo. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooo. Aooo. Aaaahhhhoooooooooooohhhh. Ahooh. Patpatpatpatpat. Kick. Flop. Flail. Finger-wiggle. Headtoss. Snuggle me! Don’t snuggle me!

I hate putting him in his own bed for a nap. He has me well trained that nap time is in Mommy’s bed. I don’t really mind this. But it leads me to endless threats, “Stop fussing, or you can sleep in your own bed.” Normally he pushes me until I’m carrying him to his own bed, he sobs, promises to sleep, and we return to my bed for a nap. Today? Nope.

He’s in there. Singing. Flailing. Flopping. Kicking. Talking to Bunny. Calling me. Asking to fingerpaint, to play in the back yard. He knows a scream will land him quickly in his own bed, so he’s just whining and constantly talking. That is, except for when he’s yawning. If he yawns any bigger he’ll turn himself inside out. I’m positive that if he would just shut up and lie still for two minutes he’d be out.

I suppose the good side of this is that he’s staying in the bed. His body is getting some rest – flailing, flopping, and thrashing isn’t the same exercise as swimming and running around. He’s not crying or screaming. So I should still be able to see this as my ‘off’ time. But the thing is, I can’t just do what I want to do. I want to curl up with my little love and sleep for two hours. Hard to do that when he won’t go to sleep! Downtime isn’t truly downtime when you’re still on alert.

Now the question is how long do I let this go on for?

Edited later to add, all told, over two hours. He went into his own bed without too much fuss, and steadfastly stayed awake. Around 7:20, watching the men’s 1500m finals, he fell asleep on my lap. We’ll see how the night goes!


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