A Tip for Pet Owners

When your kitty or puppy puddles on a rug, there’s this great stuff called Nature’s Miracle.

However, do not simply dump a half-cap of the laundry detergent version on the carpet instead of using the spray bottle when you’re out of the spray. No matter how desperate you are. It would be less work to run to the grocery store, pick up a Rug Doctor, haul it back, use it to clean your whole house, then return it. I’m only exaggerating a wee little bit.

Seriously – 25 litres later, using the Bissel Green Machine thing, I’m still getting suds


One response to “A Tip for Pet Owners

  1. you know I have my deepest sympathies with your cat troubles… but I must say, my dear friend, I am laughing so hard it’s difficult to type right now…

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