Happinesses on Sunday

It’s quarter to ten, and my little love is having a hard time sleeping. It’s hot, and muggy, and there’s just something ‘else’ in the air. That something else that leaves your fingers and feet hot and swollen, joints uncomfortable, and makes time thick.

It’s not yet ten and I could swear it was past midnight. At five when we came inside due to showers, I was certain it was after seven.

Happinesses today:

  • After I felt near to losing my temper and assigned myself a time out (which didn’t work very well), I cuddled a sad and upset Cameron to me and explained that I wasn’t angry or upset with him, and I was sorry that I’d upset him. He was all snuggled in close, and looked up at me with his bright blue eyes and a wide smile. “‘Cause I make you happy,” he said, and planted a kiss on my cheek.
  • Joanne and Paul took Cameron with their two girls to the Play Palace, then out for lunch – ice cream and McDonalds, in that order! Hilarious, and every kid deserves a treat now and then. He was so happy when he came back, and had such a great time. Joanne said he was a marvelous little guy, no problems at all, and they’ll be glad to do it more often. She also recognizes that it’d be good for Cameron to spend time with Paul, and I agree. The more positive male role models around, the better.
  • It’s HOT. I need to appreciate this, and remember it, when the days turn dark and dreary, it rains nonstop, and I need to run the spaceheater.
  • Cameron for the first time that I’ve been aware of named one of his pictures. Actually, he named four of them, all prints of various parts of his fingerpainting tonight. “OOOooooh! A lady,” he whispered as the first one peeled off. Sure enough, there’s a recognizable face there. Is it Mary? Who knows, maybe I should keep quiet or I’ll have people coming in droves. The next ones were all ladies too, though one he specified with further questioning that he was in the picture too, and the lady’s name was Red. One was two ladies.
  • The expression shift on Cameron’s face when he asked for ice cream during supper. My response was “Sure, but you have to finish your supper first.” (please note, I normally don’t go by this but honestly I gave him four bites’ worth each of chicken, potato salad, and broccoli. That’s it, and it was a struggle to get him to eat it) He opened his mouth clearly to whine and demand and explain that he wanted ice cream, closed it with surprise, then processed my counter-demand. It still took twenty minutes, but he got his ice cream. He wriggled the whole time he ate it!

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