Each Bill Has Its Place!

Alright, you caught me, I just couldn’t not write.

I did a Big Task tonight after Cameron drifted off to sleep.

For a long, long time my bills and tax information was all squished and pressed into the drawer of my small desk in the livingroom. Bills I knew I dealt with online didn’t get opened, and piled up on the ledge at my entry stairs, on the kitchen table, on the fridge, on my dresser, in Cameron’s toy boxes.

Then while I was between jobs, I went through the piles and shredded everything non-current. This means anything over a year old for bills, and in theory anything over seven years old for taxes, though I don’t think I shredded anything there. I highly recommend doing this. And I highly recommend doing this while watching DVDs of your favourite TV show – in my case, I shredded through two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

But then all the remaining stuff got shoved – not back into the drawer, oh no, that would tempt me to just ignore it some more – under the desk. Because that’s so much better.

Tonight I patrolled the apartment and collected bills that had found their way into piles. I sorted the stuff that was crammed under my desk. I finally opened up the binders I had set up months and months ago for all of these things, to keep it all organized, and slid each section of bills into their appropriate, even labeled, pocket.


Okay, I still have to do sorting and pocketing of tax information, but it’s all at least IN the binder. I now have three neat binders under the desk.


Yeah. There was a whole lot of Important Pieces of Paper (IPPs from here on) that didn’t fall into any of the above categories. Some legal custody/guardianship stuff, some Christmas, birthday, and other holiday cards “from Cameron” (thanks to two sets of grandparents), things like that. They’re like the taxes, set between the covers of the binder for later filing.

But it’s at least a start.

Happy thoughts for today:

  • Cameron snuggled on my lap, a sleepy boy on the bus. He requested that I sing to him, and for the first time in forever he listened to the whole of The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night – and asked for it again, please! I’m sure that others in hearing distance didn’t count my singing as one of the happy moments of their days, unless they themselves were tone deaf.
  • Cameron again displayed pretty darned good problem solving skills. He can now escape from the back yard, with the help of a lawn chair and some patience in setting the gate just so, so that it doesn’t have the momentum on its swing-back to click shut again. Zooom – Cameron and Samuel made their break for the front yard.
  • I stayed in Cameron’s room as he fell asleep, one hand on his side, feeling his breathing. Watching his hands relax, his mouth open, his eyes soften.
  • Listening to the rain falling in the dark.

2 responses to “Each Bill Has Its Place!

  1. Have we chatted filing systems and stuff before? I’ve picked the brains of others and have some cool tips… one of these days…

  2. Hey Chris – yeah we have, hence the binders! The ‘pockets’ aren’t working so well, I’ll probably get a hole punch or something. But I’d love to chat about it some more, get more tips!

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