Snacktime Break

Nanaimo bars always look so creamy and yummy. They look like such good ideas for a happy tummy. The first couple of bites still feels that way. Halfway done though, and I’m regretting the purchase. But instead of tucking the rich treat away for another day (thereby also getting two snacks for the price of on) I always for some reason take one more bite. This means I must finish it. Right? Another bite …oooh, not a great idea. Two bites left, and I’m reminding myself to never buy one again unless I have three friends with me to share it. Last bite –  yuck! Why oh why did I buy this?

Unless something dramatic happens tonight, I won’t be posting! I’ve been procrastinating, using writing as an excuse, then surfing. And the bills never get filed, tax stuff is still in a heap, receipts not entered into my spreadsheet, bedroom a catastrophe, dishes to be done. So tonight … no post. Work. Bleah. And now that I’ve written this I have to stick with it.


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