The Quickest Path from A to B …

… is not always a straight line. (Thanks to ScientistMom on the correction…)

Normally I pick up Cameron from daycare and we catch an ‘express’ bus for one leg of our journey home, then another bus the rest of the way. This can take a long, long time. There is some pretty massive construction going on, reducing a normally speedy route to a snail’s pace. Or worse, a toddler’s pace! That second bus is usually full, and doesn’t stop to pick us up, so we wait for the second, third, even fourth one. Generally I pick him up at five, and we don’t get home until six thirty. Later, if we go shopping or stop at the Fire Hall on the way.

An alternative is faster I’ll admit. We take a bus up to a parallel route, then an express bus, then a longer walk home – this way is our morning commute in reverse. Sounds fine until you hit the corner where we change busses. There’s a Plenty store there, neat clothing that I like and stairs, kid’s toys and sunglasses, racks of clothes to hide in, folded sweaters to pull down, and pretty sales ladies to dote on him for Cameron. It’s okay now and then, but seriously, there is no walking past that store with Cameron. He’ll throw an all-out screaming tantrum that knows no end, he’s still screaming when we get home. Of course by then he’s forgotten what he’s crying about, but that doesn’t help me cope much. Then once we’re in there, extracting him is problematic. I’ll set the ground rules – when I say it’s time to go, it’s time to go. I don’t bargain with him, I don’t give any flexibility, I give him decent warning, and we go. Screaming doesn’t work, kid.  It’s just way too much trouble, and doesn’t get us home any faster, really.

Straight from daycare to home, the whole hypotenuse of the triangle thing? Nope, no routes that way.

It turns out, as I discovered today by accidentally hopping on the express route that goes downtown, that it’s far faster to go WAY out of the way. Downtown out of the way. We went over a bridge, through downtown, and went down under the city to take the Sky Train. Yes, for those of you not familiar with the city, ‘Skytrain’ isn’t in the sky downtown, it’s in the old train tunnels far below.  Then we caught the same second bus we normally do, only we got on at the busy stop that fills them up. Having  a toddler means that people let you go ahead most of the time.

We stopped to watch the Firefighters check their high power lights.

We got home at ten past six.


3 responses to “The Quickest Path from A to B …

  1. Not to be picky but really it should be the Quickest Path From A to B isn’t a straight line…Hehe!! yeah on finding a faster way home. I am sure bed time will be easier if you’re home sooner and Cameron can eat and have time to wind down

  2. You shaved 20 minutes off your time!? That’s phenomenal! Nice accident!!!

    Melanie, it sounds to me like you and Cameron have it all figured out. A sweet pair, me thinks! 😉

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