So Glad I Never Got a DNA Tattoo

I’m seriously tired, but thought I’d share this.

The main reason I don’t have a tattoo is that I have never found a design I am in love with. Like just doesn’t do it when it’s forever. I considered for a while a sun, stars, or a dragon, but could never come up with a design that wasn’t so overdone it bordered on cliche. Besides, it had to be something that really meant something to me. I thought for a while, maybe DNA.

You know, I don’t see a single one here that looks attractive to me. No offense meant to someone who tattoos the classic ‘evolution of man’ wrapped around their body, has reproduced Darwin’s drawings of finches on their arm, has the anatomy of a squid on their foot, or has multi-colour DNA twisted down their spine, it’s just not my style. I do think however that some of the tattoos were lab marker for fun. Who hasn’t done that, inked the phylogeny of their pet species on their thigh while they wait for a gel to run? Tried to explain PCR to a student, realized this requires illustrations, but better on your arm than the lab notebook?

Granted, none of them quite scream “Run the other way” like Adrian’s did: a kneeling angel, her hands bound behind her back. A willing and submissive captive. Which had remarkable and disturbing parallels in our relationship. But that’s a story for another time. For now, I’m going to bed.

Oh – one more thing. I so wish I’d had a camera. So, just use your imagination. Ready? A fairly well dressed (business casual) woman walking downtown – grey pants, black wrap-style sweater over a mauve cami, heels. Now put a strawberry-blond blue-eyed toddler up high on her shoulders. Awww, right? Now put an Ikea serpentine dragon in his arms, tail wrapped around his mom’s neck like a scarf, and he’s making the thing try to lick her nose.


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