Desperately Needing to Return to Observing Happinesses

It’s ten thirty. Cameron is wired. Hyper. Bouncing.  Kicking. Flopping. OHMYGAWD what is up with him? I just want to scream GO TO SLEEP ALREADY at him … but of course I don’t. Even just reading a bedtime story to him just seemed to make it worse – he HAD to kick the book, he HAD to turn the pages when and how he wanted, he HAD to talk about totally unrelated things and make meaningless noises overtop of me while I read. He finally stopped when I closed the book and said, “That’s it, I’m tired of telling you to stop. I’m done reading. Nighnight time.” He agreed to lie still, and for the last two pages he managed, but with a serious pout and dejected expression. Clearly Mommy just doesn’t understand.

Okay. This has been a tough weekend. I am partly looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Part of me wants to cry because I need a break.

The good news is that I have a break coming. I have those two days off in lieu of overtime, I just need to decide that they’re as important as anything else at work and do it.

I’ve been slacking off on my happiness posts, and after this weekend I really need to start’em up again.


Cameron and I did have a lovely two hour nap together this afternoon.

The kitchen was briefly tidy today. Last night before I went to bed I cleaned out the fridge too, so I no longer cringe when Cameron opens the door, wondering what past-date or mouldy thing he’ll grab.

We went to Science World as it was raining. In some ways it didn’t help things – it’s a very stimulating environment, and Cameron was already overstimmed bigtime. But he did wear off some energy. He stood up to some bigger kids, something I’d not seen him do much. We went to the quieter area to try to get him under control before leaving, as he was just vibrating, running from activity to activity without really seeing or stopping, eyes kinda glazed, not listening, bumping into people. Once he was calmed down a bit, he actually drew a picture, though I had to firmly tell him that no, it was for kids to draw, Mommies weren’t allowed to. Wish that would work at home. Okay, I’m rambling and none of this sounds like happy thoughts. Cameron put on the bee ‘backpack’ costume and buzzed around, wiggledancing. We did three fairly complicated puzzles together, once he’d calmed a bit and could focus, and he really did a great job. But best of all, as we were heading out there was a show on sound effects on the center stage. So we stopped. Cameron sat on my lap and watched, shouting oooooh and awwwww as ‘required’ and clapping. When an opportunity came for him to volunteer, he barely needed my encouragement. He was, I’m sure, the youngest kid on the stage, stomping his feet, not a moment of hesitation.

The green sky has cleared up! That’s right, I fixed the TV! I’d been blaming it on the tube blowing a colour or whatever it’s called when a colour gets lost. Time to replace it, I figured, and started looking at what prices the various places had, and started dreading this. It’s money I really cannot afford. So I got frustrated. Then it hit me … if blue is ‘gone’, does the sky turn green? Water? Does that turn a red car magenta? NO. Duh. One of the colour scale things was way off. Simple fix. Lightning McQueen is red again, and the sky is blue.

An old friend found me on Facebook. That’s the neat thing about that place, you hear from people you’d always wondered about.

Culinary Happy: Roasted tomatoes, onion, garlic and red peppers with pepper and herbes du province. I’ll pop’em in the blender tomorrow or something, along with a few other ingredients, and we’ll have yummy pasta sauce. Also, I had been thinking for a while about making Rice Krispy Treats with a healthier cereal, then came across this recipe and toddler food site. Inspired by theirs, I whipped up a batch using Kashi’s puffed grains cereal, can’t remember what it’s called. Go Lean or something. Yummy. And possibly partially to blame for Cameron’s late night hyperness, which by the way didn’t last long after a final tuck-into-bed kiss.

Finally, it’s bedtime. As soon as the food in the kitchen is put away. Night!


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