Is the Weekend Over Yet?

Okay, first let me say that yesterday did get better. We had a nice afternoon, and a fun evening next door. Phil took both boys upstairs for their bath and a story, so I could relax a bit. They’re awesome.

The night was rough.

It was a late one for Cameron. He did wonderfully fall asleep on my lab, and I snuggled my sleeping love for a while on the comfy chair. But for some stupid reason I didn’t go to bed until well after midnight. Then minutes later Cameron started tossing and turning, but soon went back to sleep. Somewhere around two he yelled, but went back to sleep. And somewhere around three thirty again. Five am he woke up fully, crying that he was hungry, and he had to go pee. He was a sobbing unhappy mess, and soaked right through his diapers. I should’ve put him back in his own bed, but I figured maybe he’d sleep better with me and I’d actually get some sleep. Wrong. He tossed and turned and cried and kicked.

When he did wake up fully he wanted UP NOW. And he wanted me UP NOW.

Can you guess how cranky I am?

The Franklin disk is playing. Maybe he’ll let me doze a bit.


One response to “Is the Weekend Over Yet?

  1. Ugh. I find when Quinn is disturbed (ie: carried from my bed to his) before he has fallen into deep sleep, he has a rotten night. He falls asleep with me in my bed almost every night, then Andrew takes him into his own bed around 11:30pm.

    Lately, Quinn and I will stay up really late, watching the Olympics or a silly Family Channel show, and he doesn’t fall asleep until about 11.

    This makes it very difficult to transport him easily. He becomes frantic and irritated, though not even awake. The rest of the night is usually a challenge.

    Still, even though he is seven, I love this tradition, and it is worth every struggle to snuggle with him as much as I can.

    Enjoy those comfy chair sleeps, and cherish them, even during the cranky mornings after.

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