I Treated Myself Tonight

I needed to laugh. So, I watched an episode of Scrubs on YouTube. Ta-dah!


Listening to Cameron laugh while we watched muppet skits.

Showing people at work that yep, I have a backbone. You can’t bully me. No, nobody I work with, but someone from Finance on the phone who wanted me to give her the Speedchart for a charge she hadn’t convinced me was ours. She said she’d charge it to the general Centre’s accounts … I said no, I wouldn’t accept that either. Eventually she agreed to fax me the paperwork so I could *gasp* see it for myself, I got to see it, and agreed that the charge was indeed ours.

Listening to the rain, snuggled inside with Cameron.

Cameron curled up in the comfy chair for his story, all dozy and sleepy.

Cameron asleep in his bed, still half-wrapped in the cream fleece blanket. One hand flopped against Bunny, the other started off on his bare tummy (if only kissing that tummy wouldn’t wake him up!), then reached over to grab the small green dragon’s ear. I’ll cover him with his puff before I head to bed, and tuck his nightlight so it just subtly glows instead of filling the room with light. And maybe risk kissing his cheek.


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