They’re Eating Their Lunch!

Happinesses for today:

I got to the gym! I didn’t do three sets of my routine, just two, but I did run for twice as long on the machine. And get this: I did pushups. Real ones. Ten of them in a row! I’d been getting frustrated because everything else was getting easier but even wimpy girlie pushups still challenged me. So this is good.

I like it when things feel easy. It makes me happy. Today we had the Perkin-Elmer folks in to train a few of us on the multi-label plate reader. Thanks to my ‘fun’ with filters with the flow cytometer at my last position, I had no troubles understanding the notation. Or how a photometric tube works in a general way. Or what the heck ‘gain’ means. Or why you might wish to use a dichroic mirror instead of the other way which I’m blanking on what it’s called, where each pass through you lose half the light. They did a great job in explaining how to set up the protocols, and it’s all clear to me. I’m 100% confident that when A sets up her lucifer yellow experiment, or CY sets up his read-one-colour-then-the-next one I’ll know what to do for them if/when they need help.

Cameron stayed dry all day today, including nap time! Okay, a mini-pee after we got home (he’d refused to sit on the toilet), but while his knickers were dampened it wasn’t enough to get through to his jeans.

At one point this evening, Cameron was crying over something, I can’t recall what. He wailed, “Make me happy, Mommy!” I pulled him into a hug, and asked, “Tell me what I can do that will make you happy, not sad, my love?” He sobbed, burrowing close, “SNUGGLE ME!” I happily obliged, gathering arms and legs close, wrapping myself around him and snuggling for all I was worth, kissing him, telling him how much I love him. Tears dried almost instantly. “You made me happy Mommy.”

On the way home it was actually sunny. We were on the bus heading downtown, over the bridge, when I saw the False Creek Ferries and the Aquabusses zipping around below. Struck by an idea, I hurried Cameron off the bus at the next stop, and we headed down to the dock. It took longer than the skytrain would have, only because our connection was full and we had to wait, and was six bucks, but oh well. It was worth it. Cameron was SO excited! We took a False Creek Ferry (the two companies run pretty much the same routes, and Cameron just calls both ‘aquabusses’) all the way from Burrard to Science World, chatting about the gulls, the cormorants, the clouds coming in, the sail boats, the construction we could see, and lots lots more. Sadly, though we watched for them, we saw no seals. Why? According to Cameron, “All seals are at home, Mommy. Eating their lunch! Gobble boggle scrunch!” (this last bit is a modified line from a book of his)

If you’re ever in Vancouver by the way, take the time to ride the boat-busses, either company, in False Creek. It’s a wonderful view of the city, exciting, you get to oggle gorgeous boats, sometimes see seals (very rarely dolphins), and you get a unique view of the three bridges.


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