A Bad Idea

Never again will I cheat on Liam.

I’m trying to stay positive. My hair does look a bit better than it did this morning. I wouldn’t look better bald.

It’s always a good idea to scout out a stylist before letting him or her touch your hair. You know – at very minimum, does he or she have a flattering hair style? So I peeked in the salon. a guy and a woman working there, both looked, to me, presentable. Flattering clothes and hairstyles on them both. So I asked about walk-ins, and was told I could come back in an hour. Okay. I came back. Both were still busy, but there was a third. I should’ve just kept walking. Her hair was chunky and multi-coloured, short with two long strands, looked fried, didn’t suit her face shape. But no. I decided to go ahead with having my hair cut.

It’s also a good idea to come prepared, with magazine clippings of hair you like. When I first sat down in Liam’s chair I had my computer on my lap and I showed him a movie trailer where the lead female had hair I liked and thought would look good on me. So today I showed up with an ad from a magazine. The model’s face is similar to mine. Basically, she sported a modified bob with chunky layers around her face, long bangs swept over to one side. What I’ve wanted for a while. The stylist looked and nodded, commenting that we have similar features, and said she could do that, no trouble.

Then she cut short, angled bangs.

I was trusting that a stylist would look at a picture and envision the cut ‘behind’ the style. The picture had an angled-bang look, indeed, but because the hair was swept over! The final product: basically if I blow dry and straighten my hair and then sit perfectly still, the cut is the same shape as the picture.

I contemplated raising a fuss, but really, what would be the point? She can’t cut it longer. I just have to cope.

To make things worse … I came home to a voicemail message. From Liam’s salon. He had a cancellation.


5 responses to “A Bad Idea

  1. EEeeeee. Here’s what you do. 1) call Mine: Stylesource. 2) Make an appointment with Liam. Trust me.

    Otherwise, yeah … if you don’t like how the stylist looks, then run for the hills!

  2. Hey there! Started reading your blog – we both have Feb. 06ers. I feel your haircut pain. ūüôā I got a haircut two weeks ago that’s absolutely horrible. Wish I could wear a hat every single day! Fortunately, I’m on prenatals right now and my hair’s growing about an inch a month, so in another month or so I’ll be able to go somewhere else and get a liveable cut again.

  3. This reminds me that I really need to make an appt to cut my hair….

    You know you have to post a picture, right? Please do so immediately! I’m sure it looks beautiful!

    And the cancellation– the ultimate in irony! You poor thing!

  4. Uh oh… That sucks. I hope it wasn’t the place where I’ve had good cuts… good haircut karma for one is bad for another, perhaps???

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