Friday Happinesses

Well after this morning’s encounter with a weedwhacker (okay, not quite that bad), I need to focus on happy stuff. I’m letting my dissatisfaction with my hair style colour the rest of my appearance – I’m never particularly thrilled with my reflection in the mirror, but I’m now ‘seeing’ someone who could stand to lose a whole lot of weight, whose skin is looking ‘old’, who needs a lot more sleep. Okay, that last one is probably the truth.

So, happinesses.

First and foremost, hair grows. Dad and Janice are coming out for a visit at the end of September -which means I’ll have TIME with pretty-much guaranteed babysitters to make an appointment with Liam. By then my hair will have grown around an inch, too. In the meantime, headbands. Hats. Barrettes?

Yay! A new reader! Always makes me hapy!

I tore out the rectangle of cheaply-installed carpet on the landing. It’ll be easy to put something there to replace it. Hopefully this will be the end of the kitty pee on the landing. The air is fresher already … okay, that’s partially due to Febreeze, a product I use with trepidation as I’m certain that twenty years from now we’ll find out it causes oflactory nerve cancer or something.

Wind in the trees outside. It’s a cool, autumn-scented wind, but still welcome because this means it’ll maybe be sunny tomorrow.

After nearly settling down to sleep, Cameron let out a wail with a change in tone from earlier ones. Earlier, he was mad. He wanted to play with me. But now? “I heard something Mommy! I’m scared,” he called as I walked into his room. He’d tucked his night light, one of the softee Ikea ones you bop on the head to switch on and off, under his covers so it was quite dark.  I retrieved it. Then I heard the bang, skwee, thump that must’ve scared him. “It’s my window, Cameron,” I explained. “It’s open, and the wind is blowing it around. You wait here, I’ll go close it. I’m going to make a bit of noise, there’ll be more thumps, but I’ll come right back.” I did just that, and there were indeed a few more bumps and hinge-squeaks. But no crying from Cameron. As I went back to him, “S’closed, Mommy?” I assured him no more bumps. “Now shhhh. Listen. Close your eyes and hear outside. Hear that? The wind?” He slowly said, “Yeeeaaaah. Wwwhhhhhsssshhhhhh.” I mmm-hmmmed, and asked him to listen. Just listen. I gave him a moment to settle down to listen, and came out here to the livingroom. In no time, he fell asleep.

And now it’s my turn.


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