Who Up-Sells a Two Year Old?

The manager at the local Starbucks knows us – he knows that Cameron usually gets a yogurt parfait when we’re in there. This time Cameron had made it clear, he didn’t want one. I figured hey, I have a coupon for a free beverage, he doesn’t want his yogurt, I have a bus pass and a Science World pass – free entertainment day!

Venti caramel macchiato in my hand (wtf, spellcheck doesn’t like Venti, but it’ll accept macchiato), I was all set to gather up Cameron. The manager leaned over the counter to say hi to him, then remarked, “What’s up, buddy? No yogurt today? Look, they’re right there!”

Seriously. I could’ve thrown my drink at him. Who the hell upsells a two year old?

Nothing else would do for Cameron. It was either haul him out of there shrieking and deal with screams the whole trip, or let him have the yogurt. I’d come in prepared to give him the yogurt if he asked, so fine. Whatever. But oh, was I pissed at the manager. Who DOES that? Now we were stuck there for twenty-odd minutes while Cameron ate. Not a big deal, I know. But it’s the principle of the thing.

I responded that Cameron had said he didn’t want one, gee thanks for reminding him that he usually gets one. His answer was, “No problem,” with a smile, and he walked back to the espresso machine thing.

Normally when we’re in there I keep Cameron from messing with the signs, from playing with the doorstop so it holds the door open, from being a general nuisance.

I’m sorry, but you force me to buy something, I’m not gonna play nice. I kept Cameron from taking juice bottles as I always do; I’m not about to stoop to stealing. But hell yeah, I let him (didn’t stop him) take the signs off the serving cooler, and hell yeah they were on the floor when we left. And the door naturally stayed open because Cameron had flipped the doorstop down.

Me? Teaching my son passive-aggressive behavior? Naaaaaah. Why do you say that?

Happy thoughts for today:

  • Today was better than yesterday.
  • Sunshine and cool wind. Summer is certainly over, but it was still nice weather.
  • As we sat on the floor right infront of the stage for a show at Science World, there was a bit of banter between the guy doing the show and someone offstage prepping for the next one. The person backstage opened the door just a crack, and sent a balloon – one of the long types used for balloon animals – streaming out. It corkscrewed and turned and zoomed … and hit Cameron square in the chest. He was thrilled.
  • The show itself was far too advanced for Cameron – a show on illusions is kind of lost on a toddler. Or is he a preschooler now? I dunno. But whatever, the show made me laugh. Many were the classic visual illusions, but they also presented some reading/cognitive ones too.
  • My hair still sucks, but hey. It’s grown at least several microns since it was cut. Those will add up with time.
  • Cameron woke at five. Not so great. But … he was dry, and wanted to go pee. He went right back to sleep after. This also meant he was dry when he got up for the day.
  • Dancing in the kitchen with Cameron, to kid’s reggae music.
  • I guess it’s been a bit of an unsettling weekend for Cameron. As we went into his room for bed, he grabbed at the dragon that lives above his door to guard him. He sobbed that he wanted the dragon to protect him in his bed. I gave in, of course. He was scared and wanted protection, and I wasn’t about to deny him this simple fix. We arranged the dragon just so. Ten minutes later, Cameron was sobbing. The dragon had “said” that he needed to be above Cameron’s door to protect him!
  • I have no troubles asking for a seat, if one isn’t offered immediately, in the courtesy section of the bus when I’ve got Cameron. Just one, if it’s crowded he and I can share. And don’t worry, I’m polite about it. I can usually tell before asking who is likely to respond, and who will ignore me entirely though they are clearly capable of standing on a bus far better than a two year old. This time, someone I had figured wouldn’t budge for anyone surprised the heck out of me. I’d barely said, “Excuse me,” when he jumped up and said, “Here, have my seat!” I love it when people surprise me like that, challenging my presumptions. Makes me feel a little embarassed, but in a good, productive kind of way.
  • Best of all … tomorrow is a new day.

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