Milk Factory and Babyvibe Rock!

Hooray! I never win stuff, but I just did! I checked my email after writing my last post, and saw a fabulous note, that I’d won something! I’m not sure if etiquette states I should keep quiet until they announce it, but … whee!
Many thanks to Milk Factory (which happens to be the most awesome kid’s clothing ever) and Babyvibe. Babyvibe has started the Nest Egg Blog, which is all about offering prizes. Verycool. Thank you thank you thank you!

I’m not certain, but it looks like Cameron will be sporting new toddler QuickWick sport pants and a QuickWick long-sleeved T too! I’ll probably buy a short-sleeved T and a beanie hat to go with them.

So in case anyone is interested, Babyvibe is a great newsletter for families with young kids (Kindervibe for older kids is starting up too), with two editions as I understand it. One is aimed at the Vancouver area, the other at Calgary. When you sign up you get several emails a week featuring great deals, family-related articles, and a list of lots of kid-related events every weekend. They often have special deals with the companies that advertise with them, stuff like free delivery or a discount on purchases.

Milk Factory has all kinds of items I love – but most of all their QuickWick clothing is amazing for kids. It’s lightweight, something like SPF 40 (white cotton Ts actually offer very little SPF by the way), dries super-fast, wicks moisture away from skin. All of this means that it’s way comfier than cotton in hot summer, and warmer than cotton in winter so it’s great for layering. So I’m extra-thrilled to win this prize, it’s stuff I would love for Cameron to have (heck, they should start an adult line next) and will be well-used. The first outfit I bought from them (he’s wearing the orange bodysuit above) lasted him over a year, and has now been handed down to a verycool cousin-ish family in San Francisco for their son. His second set, worn to the right) is still in use after over a year, is still wearable mostly (the white shirt isn’t quite so pristine anymore), and the short sleeved T and pants served double-duty as comfy clothing and as PJs during the hottest nights when Cameron refused to sleep bare but it was way too hot for anything else.

Now I just have to decide on colours! Whee! Suggestions? I’m thinking a repeat of his original set – green with orange-stripe pants, and orange with blue stripe shirt.


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