Third Post of the Night

Another happy moment I want to share, and record so I don’t forget it. This was on the bus home, with a drowsy Cameron on the verge of being a cranky Cameron. It’s a routine, a familiar pattern. Please forgive the re-telling of a conversation!

Me: “Are you my wriggly rabbit?”

Cameron: “No. I’m Cameron.”

M: Ah. I see. So you’re my giggling grasshopper?

C: No. I’m Cameron. (smile starting – he knows this game)

M: Oh. Hmm. Are you my mischievous monkey?

C: No, a’cause I’m Cameron! (smile growing, he knows what’s coming)

M: Are you my coffeebean?

C: NOOoooooo. I Cameron, that’s who!

M: Oh. I see. Are you my Jellybean?

C: Yeeaaahhhh. (snuggling close)

M: Are you my little love?

C: I’m you’re big-boy love!

M: Okay, okay, you’re my big love. Are you my Cameron?

C: Yes. I’m Cameron.

(pause, then something new)

C: And I love you too!


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