Tired – just doing happinesses!

Another crisis handled at work today. We had a solvent spill, which involved some quick decisions as to course of action. Technically we probably should’ve called in Hazmat … but I got the back-up from my supervisor to stick with handling it internally. I regret that I wasn’t as decisive as I would’ve liked, but next time I’ll know what questions to ask concerning the spill. When I called Health, Safety and Environment though the person I spoke with was clearly impressed with my quick synopsis and course of action. I gave him in a few quick sentences all the information he needed to know in order for him to find out what they recommend.

I got to work at a much earlier time than usual today. Yay!

I made it to the gym for “power yoga”. Pretty good workout, and felt good after.

Lots and lots of sweetness and snuggles from Cameron on the way home.

We stopped on the way home to play at a ‘fountain’, or perhaps it’s better called a waterscape. A wall of water cascading down, within a quiet little courtyard-like area.

Fun bath time play with Cameron. Lots of giggles to balance out the more difficult moments. For some reason he insisted on bringing socks into the tub, to wear on his hands.

Time for a shower. Then tomorrow’s supper out of the oven. Then bed.


2 responses to “Tired – just doing happinesses!

  1. Nothing to do with your current post, but I wanted to give you some hope in case you’re still feeling down about your hair… I managed to make mine look presentable today, and if I remember right, you’re about a week or so behind me with your hellacious haircut. So, it’s growing! You’ll soon be able to look at yourself in the mirror without scowling too 🙂 Before you know it, you’ll be booking your next appointment with Liam!

  2. Wow, great job at work, and yay for some lovin’ and playin’ with Cameron! Hmmm… power yoga. Yoga for me is painful enough, but I think power yoga would make me wanna “tap out”. Glad you enjoyed it!

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