This Weekend WILL Be Better

That’s right, we’ve got plans to go camping with our neighbours! They’ve taken Samuel already, and he loved it. I’m not sure where we’re going, but with luck Cameron will see a ‘real’ forest, and maybe even a real river. That would be amazingly cool. He’ll sleep in a tent for the first time ever, too. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do about a sleeping bag – either share mine or bring his sleep sac and very warm fleece PJs. Sharing would be squishy and iffy. Sleepsac might not be warm enough. At any rate, I’m looking forward to the weekend! To add to that, Joanne offered to watch Cameron Sunday so I can get some time out. Here’s hoping that’s workable with camping plans.

Happinesses for today:

Cameron’s seemingly asleep with less fuss tonight than last night.

We had a good playtime in the backyard before supper. Late-evening sunshine, the scent of pears, dry leaves and fresh-mowed lawn.

I got a lot accomplished at work today, though I feel an element of stress there. Things are kinda building up – I’m on top of it, but yikes. I’ll feel much, much better once a few major tasks are done tomorrow.

Cameron is asleep. I’m going to do some dishes and generally tidy for half an hour, then watch some “tv” on youtube, then go to sleep. Or maybe I”ll have a bath then sleep.

Oh – hair! If I recall, Lisa asked for me to post pictures. I’m told I’m scowling … but really, it was hard to smile. Fake-smile for photobooth on my mac, compounding fake smile because I didn’t feel much like smiling.

What can I say … it’s at least growing. In no time flat I’ll be back in Liam’s chair and the back will go short. I know I could go back to the salon I had it done at and get them to re-do it … but it just doesn’t seem worth the bother of it, not when there’s a realistic large chance she’ll still not do what I want. Better to just wait and go back to Liam. Oh, I should add, it’s much pouffier than it looks. Those pictures were after the stylist straightened my hair with an iron for fifteen or so minutes. I don’t have time for that. It’s kinda poufy and wavy.


3 responses to “This Weekend WILL Be Better

  1. Ooh!! I love the hair! I’m trying to catch up on your posts because I was being negligent in my blog reading lately, so I missed this!

    We miss you over at FTMC!

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