Ohmy. I used to know what went into my pack for a weekend without even a second thought. Time to pack – this, this, this, and this. Done.


I’ve got NO CLUE. I’ve forgotten. That section of my brain has apparently been re-allocated to handle such complex calculations as how frequently to ask Cameron if he needs to go pee, along with the related what-to-pack for Cameron for a weekend at Nana’s.

So I’ve got a list. It’s for ONE FRICKING NIGHT. I should be able to handle this. But I’m looking at this list and wondering how it’s all gonna fit into my backpack.

Complication. I went looking for my sleeping bag. It is nowhere in my apartment. I’ve even checked under my bed and Cameron’s crib. Bleah. That sucks, means it got left in Adrian’s van or something, but on the other hand I wanted a down bag anyway. MEC opens at nine tomorrow morning, so I’ll just request we stop in there on our way out of town, I’ll dash in and grab a Raven or something similar, a foamy pad maybe too, and dash out (after paying, of course). The good news is I have my tent.

So here’s my plan.

Cameron needs: PJs (fleece) and his sleep sack, socks, and just-in-case a hat, and his MF quickwick stuff. If he freezes I’ll get him down to the quickwick and haul him into my bag with me. Two pants and a pair or so of shorts. Four pair undies. Socks. Shoes. Long sleeved shirt, T shirt, fleece sweater, jacket. Swimming trunks, though I doubt he’ll use’em the water where we’re going is glacier-fed. Cold.

I’ll need: change of pants and shirt maybe. Shorts maybe. Socks. Undies (duh). PJs. Sleeping bag and foamy. Fleece sweater. Jacket. Swim suit.

We’ll both need: toothbrushes, brush, super-abs towel to share, tent, camera plus extra batterypack. Stove, fuel, and pots (though M&P said they’ve got them, so maybe not). TP. Garbage bags (pack out what you pack in). Rope for hanging food (check with M&P, they may have). Bug repellant! Flashlight … hope that’s in my backpack as I don’t know where else it would be. Basic safety and first aid supplies.

What the heck am I forgetting?

(Possibly the last post till Sunday night!)


4 responses to “Packing!

  1. Ah yes, a sleeping bag and pad. That is also on my to purchase from MEC list for the weekend… mine was stolen from my car. GR. I hope you and Cameron have a GREAT night out and give me a call when you’re back and let me know how it went. Perhaps a brief visit would be good. 😀 Have fun!

  2. What about stuff to do? Books? Toys? Bed friends (for Cameron!) Otherwise, your lists looks very, very thorough.

    Oh – cups/dishes/cutlery – especially for Cameron. Napkins. Soap, sunscreen, sunglasses. Treats.

    I never go camping without a tin of Pringles (the low fat ones in the purple tin are remarkably good!) and a bottle of Dr. Pepper.

    HAVE FUN!!!

  3. It’s a hike-in site, so really limited in weight and space – one book, one toy, and Bunny has to stay home. Yikes. But should be okay, I’ll probably go to bed at the same time as Cameron.

    And yeah, cutlery,b owls, plates … all stuff that got left in the van I think. So MEC will be a super-fast run-though for: flashlight, cutlery, bowls, plates, sleepingbag.

    And they’re set… bye!

  4. Almost midnight here, I picture you all around a campfire . . . did you bring marshmallows? Remember letting them catch fire, blow out the fire, eat the burned outer crust, then thrust it back in the fire to burn again . . . Hope you are all having a wonderful time.
    Hugs. Love. Mom/Granna

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