Stay Tuned…

We’re back, safe and sound, much fun was had, and  I promise I’ll write about our hiking/camping trip and even post some pictures of the Mountain Wonderland that is Cheakamus Lake in Garibaldi Park. Hike-in camping is a whole different ball game with toddlers!

But for now I’m dealing with being exhausted, being a wee bit intoxicated (whee, mojitas) after an evening out with Chris (thanks muchly to Joanne and Paul), it’s garbage night, I’ve had a population explosion of fruit flies that are strangely resistant to the usual traps, aaaaand kitty pee. Go figure. In the Comfy Chair. We go away for one effing night and she pees.


2 responses to “Stay Tuned…

  1. That’s one of my ‘usual traps’ – red wine! They wouldn’t touch it. What worked this morning for a few dozen was to put an over-ripe tomato in the oven in a baking dish, door open overnight. First thing in the am, close door, turn on oven, leave essential stuff (wallet, keys, shoes) right infront of oven so I remembered to turn it off. Poof, dead flies.

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