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Cameron’s laughter in the tub. I haven’t had a bath with him in forever, but last night for some reason I decided to. I loaded up the tub with bubbles to play with, and we both got in. I don’t remember how it started, but we at one point were pouring water over each other’s heads. While Cameron wasn’t too thrilled with a bucket of water over his, he laughed so hard  whenever he dumped some on me. It was that amazing all-out laugh, not just an amused giggle, not just simply “Oh that’s funny,” but a huge and truly happy laugh.

The fish are still alive.

I survived today at work. At one point I wasn’t sure if I would … but I did.

Nimoo hasn’t peed on anything since Sunday. She’s super-cuddly in the evenings because I’m locking her in the kitchen all day long.

I got a “good work” email from my supervisor.

Sitting on Cameron’s stool by the tub, ankle resting over the edge, while Cameron poured water on my foot.

Cameron running to me when I picked him up at daycare for a hug, but then being so excited to tell me about his day that he forgot to hug me. I still got lots of hugs, but this made me laugh.

Interesting discussion with someone at work yesterday. I know very little about Israel and life there – and while I had a general idea of what a Kibbutz is, it was on the very vague side of general. She grew up in one. It’s one of the things I love about working at a university – there are people there from everywhere. If you take the time to stop and listen, you can learn some amazing things. It was hard to not judge her upbringing by my North American standards at first, but got easier. She’s one of those who believes in her heart that it was a wonderful way to grow up.

I treated myself to a bottle of yummy red wine, a Cote du Rhone. Not the cheapest, but not quite pricey. So I’m sipping a glass of it while I write, and while Cameron settles down to sleep. He’s having a tough time, but then this is the first night since the camping trip that he’s not had some benadryl to help with the bug bite itching. Last night he fell asleep in my arms, snuggled tight. Wonderful!

While I haven’t identified the source of the fruit flies, there don’t seem to be any new ones. What was there has scattered to other rooms, which tells me I’ve at least managed to get their favourite food under wraps. Now to just clean up the last of them, and that’ll hopefully be it for the summer.

The cleanup process means that my pantry cupboard is clean and tidy again! Phew. It was a stressful mess. I also did a pretty good job of cleaning other locations. Tonight I’m taking OFF of housework. I’m going to post this, and maybe eat something, then go to bed. Maybe I’ll watch another episode of Scrubs on my computer. Or maybe I’ll read.


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