The Work-Week is Done

Editing the next day – I figure I’m pretty hard to trace. You’d have to know a lot about me already to find this blog and really search hard, or stumble across it and have me in your mind already I think. But my mom is concerned and thinks I may have written something that would put my position at risk. So, heavy editing follows.

It was quite a day. One of those days where stuff happened that I can’t really write about. Which sucks, because I kinda want to talk about it!

The gist of it is that a couple of safety issues came out at the end of the week. Some of which are my responsibility, some aren’t. Some changes have already been set in motion to address the problems.
One thing is for certain – my job is not boring!

Happy Thoughts for the Day:

  • Cameron’s stayed dry all week long at daycare!
  • We took a long route home today. We stopped at the beach right by Burrard Bridge to play barefoot in the sand. Cameron loved wading into the cold ocean water and running out again with squeals and giggles. Then a False Creek Ferry. Then there was a fire truck and an ambulance on the way to catch our bus. Cameron got to sit in the fire truck, as the crisis (one of the elderly guys usually hanging out obviously needed some psych and pharmaceutical assistance) was winding down and a firefighter had the time.
  • The work-week is over. Maybe next week no equipment will break, nobody will injure themselves, and I’ll have a chance to catch up on a lot of the stuff that’s been building up in my inbox.
  • It was sunny and warm – probably a last little grab at summer. We’re supposed to have a lovely weekend, with a heat wave. To the pool!
  • I’ve been told that if I get “perks” through ordering stuff at work, to go ahead and take them. So because my office supply order was over a certain amount today, I get a cheapie digital camera. It’ll be Cameron’s, so just maybe I can return to taking pictures with mine! Usually if there’s an option to apply points to a discount or to, say, a coffee card, I’ll pick the one that benefits the lab. No, while coffee might improve my disposition on some days, I can’t claim it’s for the lab … I’ll chose the discount. But in this case it was camera or no perk. So I don’t feel guilty!

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