I Can’t Jump Over Tall Buildings

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I’m going to teach Cameron all the things he needs to know.  I know very well that the best way to do it is by example.

I know I should make my bed.
I really should put my clothes away neatly, hang them up or put them in drawers.
I should do laundry before I’m running out of clothes for us to wear.
I should put laundry away when it’s done, not wait until it’s just all migrated back into the laundry basket.

The livingroom really should be picked up every night – most nights I do actually manage this much.
I should clean the bathroom more often.

Dishes. I hate dishes. But I should do them every night.
The table and counter and stove should be wiped clean every night.
I should sweep the floor every night.

I should pack my lunch more often.
I should drink water.
I should brush my teeth more often. Heck, I get Cameron’s twice a day, why not mine?
Flossing. I hate it. I should do it anyway.

I should read more.

I should date.

I should dust more often. Vacuuming more often would be good too. So would mopping the floor more often.

I should wash Cameron’s face every morning.

I should get more exercise.
I don’t like my body the way it is, so therefore I should do situps and pushups every night.
I should get back to the ten minutes of meditation every night.

I should buy myself a cape, tights, mask and fancy boots. Because the only way I’m gonna pull off all these ‘shoulds’ is if I turn into a super hero. None of these things are particularly big on their own. But I seem incapable of doing them. Some seem pointless – wiping the counter down is a little difficult when there are dirty dishes on it. Making the bed is laughable when I have to step over stuff to get to my bed. Part of me really wants to say, “Just get over it already, you’re coping and that’s what counts.” The other part still says, “Get up off your ass and grow up.”


3 responses to “I Can’t Jump Over Tall Buildings

  1. all your really should do is love cameron with all your heart. Its not easy being a single mom. I barely survive and I have a live-in supportive partner. The best thing (other than loving cameron with all your heart) is to show him it is OK to be less than perfect

  2. What ScientistMother said!

    Although, I do understand what you mean. I loathe washing dishes and I tire of constantly picking up toys, so sometimes, I just simply don’t. lol.

    Thanks for your reassurance about the potty training. I’m trying not to pressure Gabby because really my urgency has more to do with me not wanting to wipe two heinies anymore than anything else, but it’s so frustrating when I know that she CAN do it, but she is just NOT doing it. sigh.

    I hope you and Cam are having a wonderful day!

  3. Seriously?
    You can’t possibly tell me that you think making a bed or doing dishes is a higher priority than going to the aquarium or the fire station or singing a song or playing in the backyard. You’re doing all the right things and Cameron will have the best memories of childhood. That’s what really matters.
    Who cares if there’s a fruit fly or two in the compost 🙂

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