I Shouldn’t be Shoulding, I know.

Tonight was another one of my Mama Renew discussion groups. Interestingly, the topic of the week was pretty much what everyone was telling me after my “should” post.

I honestly do know that playing with Cameron, reading to him, taking him to Science world, is all far more important than making beds and washing dishes. I certainly don’t want him to remember nothing but me doing laundry, or not being able to play in the livingroom for fear of messing it up. But I would very much like to be able to get myself to do some of the things on that list. And I’ve been trying. My room is being picked up slowly. The dishes aren’t stacked up, though there’s two nights of supper dishes soaking in the sink. As before, I make a point of getting Cameron to help me tidy up before story time.

It’s a tough balance – letting “good enough be good enough”, not letting myself get into the stressful and exhausting state of broad oscillations between frantic cleaning and apathetic strategic slothfulness.

But hey. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Or at least, permanent alterations in behavior rarely happen overnight. So that’s why working on expectations and accepting “good enough” is this month’s homework.

Happy thoughts for tonight:
I am truly blessed when it comes to neighbours. With zero notice, my downstairs neighbours babysat Cameron so I could go out. He had a blast with them.

Hot chocolate and cool evening air on the walk to the meeting place.

Problem-solving and task-accomplishing at work.

Playing with Cameron while we waited for the bus.

Lying in my bed this morning while I waited to hear the weather report, Cameron wrapping his arms around my neck and asking, “Snuggle me, Mommy?” Though I was already hugging him, I pulled Cameron even closer and snuggled!

Bedtime. Before midnight!


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