After a LONG and very hot shower, not to mention half a handful of ibuprofen, my neck and back felt considerably better. It also gave me a bit of time to think about the emails that a fantastic woman and friend of mine, Judy, has sent me lately. Judy, I am very thankful for the letters … and I’m sorry I’ve been such a lame and distant friend lately.

Judy had the marvelous suggestion of just trying to do something on my ‘list’ every night. I’m well versed in list making, it’s how I survive my job. It’s how I pack. It’s how I think. My list of everything I want to do or feel I need to do is more than a little stressful though, so I rarely even attempt to write it down. Still, it exists in a somewhat nebulous way in my brain.

With a bit of energy lent by the ibuprofen and shower, I decided to tackle a couple of small items.

Try not to get too excited folks …

I got the duvet cover back on the duvet. Yep, the duvet had been sitting white and washing-machine-torn/shredded on my bed, all nekkid, while the cover sat neatly folded in a corner. For months. No more!

Inspired, I decided to hell with those tent-fly reminiscent microfibre sheets. I’d been washing them and putting them back on my bed, half out of laziness, half because my other sets suck too. But they don’t suck as badly. So, the tentfly sheets will go to Big Brothers or whatever group picks up clothing and houseware donations next.

Cameron and I had already done a big load of dishes washing earlier today, does that count? And sadly, there’s just no way that I can get a dishwasher in my kitchen. It’s either a dishwasher or microwave, sad to say. I’m stuck washing.

I did a flylady thing. I’m not big into her stuff, but this is a good idea. I grabbed a bag and swept through my bedroom and hallway chucking stuff. Odds and ends, labels, receipts, etc.

Good is good enough. Big lesson from last night, right? Well, didja notice that I listed ‘receipts’ in tossables? That’s right. I tried. For two and a half weeks I diligently recorded my spending habits. Then I collected receipts, fully intending to enter them into the spreadsheet, but the pile kept growing. So, out they go. I know that I didn’t get receipts for everything, there was a lot of “I will remember I spent 3.46 on coffee and treats today,” going on. I learned from the exercise, and that was the point of it. I was spending way too much, and I have implemented several tactics towards reducing my spending. Dad and Janice are coming to visit for two weeks. After they leave, I’ll start again and see how things look.

There. I’ve accomplished stuff today. And if I’m not careful I won’t accomplish getting to bed before midnight.


2 responses to “Inspired?

  1. I’m there with you on washing dishes. We don’t have a dishwasher either and I handwash 3-4 times a day. I wish I could leave them sitting, but I have OCD about dirty dishes in the sink, so I just can’t do it. There were a small handful of times that I went to bed with the dinner dishes in the sink, thinking it wouldn’t hurt to leave them there until morning, and it bothered me so bad, I had to get up and do them. I’m weird, I know.

    I do however loathe dusting. I definitely slack in that department. So much so, that I was slightly embarrassed when the cable guy came to hook up new equipment and swiped dust out of his way to do it. lol

    Good for you for getting some things done! I always have a list in my head too and if I tried to keep up with it, I fear I would lose my mind.

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