The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This made me laugh today. Cameron’s coming down with something and has a runny nose. First thing this morning the ‘tap’ was a-running. I gave him a kiss anyway, of course, and he returned it by smearing his nose around on my cheek. This was declared a “Notty Kiss.” He has troubles with S starting some words and just drops it entirely: Spain, star, stop, snow, and apparently snot.

Me. I spent too much money today. Sure, I didn’t get a latte and bought a drip coffee instead. Sure, I brought a lunch instead of buying. But then I bought jeans. I need them. I don’t have to super-dress-up for work, but all my old pairs of jeans have rips or are worn so thin my underwear colour can be seen through the bum. A little too casual. Fair enough, jeans, and not particularly cheap ones. Around the same price as Gap’s. But then there’s a purse or handbag or whatever they’re called now, a style I’ve wanted for a while. I’ve been packing my lunch, wallet, iPod, etc into basically a canvas grocery bag for a couple of months now, and I’m tired of feeling THAT out of it. So I bought one. It’s green, with brown ginkgo leaves. Think Robeez shoes, but a purse, with an adult look to it.

My kitchen. Dammit, it was clean yesterday. We got home and I immediately started to cook spaghetti sauce so it’ll be ready for the freezer before bed maybe. Oops. The kitchen is a disaster zone already. The good news is that it only took a half an hour tops to make the mess, surely it won’t take more than an hour to clean it up?


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