First Some Light Stuff

Cameron’s so often sooooo serious in photos. I swear, he hates the camera. I’ll post pics of him from this week once Mom and Bill get some up (if they don’t mind, promise, I won’t take the credit …). In the meantime, here’s a couple of him giggling and playing with Arf-Arf on the couch two weeks-ish ago.

(man, spacing with photos is tricky)

I took a whole lot, but my camera kept focussing on the stuffie, not Cameron, darnit! Amazing up-close detail of synthtetic fur, with a peachy and blue blur behind. Oh well.


(more spacing fun)


And one of my freezer, with its library of suppers. On top of the shelf is a package of halibut fillets, then a  bison steak, sure hope it’s still good, it’s been in there a long time. Next is a bag of frozen lemon marinated halibut with veggies suppers behind a small tub of spaghetti sauce. Then meatloaf. Below those are treats – commercial smoothie mixes, chocolate ice “cream”, and Mr.Freezies. Behind the whole-grain coated chicken and bags of spaghetti sauce freezing flat, there is beef stew (a little heavy on the vinegar IMO), carrot and sweet potato soup (should’ve peeled the potatoes, and it needs ginger), broccoli and cheese soup (almost gone, it’s yummy), and ready-to-roast chicken dinners.

Lastly, the purse, because Scientist Mother asked.


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