Bounce bounce bounce

I had a grand plan. Dad and Janice are coming to visit; they arrive on Tuesday!

It was all figured out. Early in their visit we would head to Ikea, and I’d get a big boy bed for Cameron. It would be the perfect time for the transition – extra hands, extra enforcement, and best of all … they sleep in the livingroom. Cameron would ‘hit’ them on his way out of his bed before getting to me. See? Perfect, right?

I’m totally second guessing that plan now. Frankly, I’m scared. We’re back to bedtime being up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down. OH MY FREAKING GAWDS KID, GO TO SLEEP. He’s wired and bouncing.

He’s been seriously tired since we got home. He is fighting a cold. But put the kid in bed and he bounces right back out. Okay okay, he’s in a crib. But he bounces up and shrieks.

Switching has a lot of good points. Bedtime stories can be moved into bed. Because of the sloping ceiling preventing the crib from being pushed against the sides of the room, having a bed instead will make his room feel bigger. Which means some toys can get moved in there maybe.

But I’m dreading the up-down-up-down and the thousandfold march back to bed stage. Dreading. I’ve gotten lazy lately. Cameron’s been great about staying asleep all night, and until recently had gotten into the habit of “sleeping in” until seven-ish. So I’m not used to standing firm when it comes to early wakings, heck, I’m not even firm on bedtime behaviour. I cave, rather than endure the screams. I can handle a few screaming fits during the day, but night time it just GETS to me. And I’m exhausted – so not prepared to handle totally losing my me-time.

On the other hand … Dad and Janice will be here for two weeks. I’ll have precious little me-time anyway. And they can help me to cope.


One response to “Bounce bounce bounce

  1. Oh honey, it sucks to be firm at night, simply because you are so tired and exhausted as well. But trust me, staying firm will make the shrieking stop so much faster. Your head and heart know that as well. If you cave, not only are you confusing him, but you’re teaching him that screaming gets him what he wants.

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