And About the Cat …

She’s either ill or the kitty equivalent of deleriously happy.

I’ve taken the time these last two days to comb her thoroughly with the ShedEnder (whoever it was who pointed that tool out to me, thank you thank you!), twice a day! She’s also gotten some play time, and some serious snuggling too. Lots of attention. She’s also been permitted to stay out and have access to the living room while Cameron and I are out, not been confined to the kitchen.

She’s sound asleep right now next to me on the couch, forehead and face smushed against my leg. She’s slept sprawled in the middle of the livingroom floor. This is totally uncharacteristic of her. If she cannot sleep on my legs, she’s on the back of the comfy chair for her snoozing, or in my bed, period. Either she’s much happier and more relaxed … or she’s not feeling great. Which does make me concerned. For all that I fly into a rage at her now and then, provoked by kitty pee in unfortunate locations (no, not a UTI, trust me. It’s personal revenge for such slights as leaving her alone for a night), I do adore her. She’s my kitten love.

I sure hope it’s because she’s happy and more relaxed. She deserves to be. It’s been a rough few years for her!


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