I’ve got a whole lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head, but seriously no energy to try to sort them out into a coherent post. Just little snippets here and there. Randomness. Or maybe not.

For the management training program I’ve been invited to take part in (all new managers at the university are, and it’s a new thing) I need to do a self-evaluation questionnaire. No wrong answers, just a method of determining personality, style, and skills. They list a whole bunch of tasks or interactions or whatever, and I’m supposed to respond with how I feel I’m doing, should I do less of task A or more, or am I at about the right point? Easy, right? Oh so wrong. I’m having a tough time making myself do it. Why? Part of it has to do with the fact that I really don’t get two straight hours at work to sit down and work on it. But mostly it’s that I’m shying away from self-evaluation. Or rather, self-evaluation that someone else is going to evaluate me on. Dammit. I need to just do it.

I’m oddly satisfied by matching packing slips to invoices to entries in my purchasing records at work. But the only way to do it was to sort out the packing slips alphabetically first. Best way to do that I’ve found is to sit on my office floor and fan them out around me. I felt so unprofessional, like a kid playing with lego in Mommy’s office, but hey. It works. And it made people smile and stop to chat for a few minutes.

I don’t like eating the butt-ends of fruits and veggies. You know, that little mark that’s at the opposite end to the stem? I know, some biologist I am. I know very well that this has nothing to do with animal bums at all, and yet, I feel yucked out by the idea of eating this harmless little spot.

Dad and Janice are here! Yup, I saved the happy until the end, it’s great to see them. Cameron made shy a little at first, but quickly warmed up to the point of demanding that Grandpa come and play with him in the tub. Grandma had him in fits of that all-out-belly-laugh playing games in the livingroom. And there must be something about grandmothers. Both Mom and Janice can get Cameron to eat a plateful of veggies and fish. Janice also had a very busy day; I came home from work to find laundry all done, dishes washed and put away, and supper mid-preparation.

Okay. I’m so tired I’m crosseyed. G’night.


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